Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Communicating with People,Creating the City

Contributing to the further development of society bycreating and nurturing cities of the future,in response to the trust bestowed on us by our clients

Communicating with People

We diligently communicate with clients, local communities, and society toaccurately understand their diverse needs, and apply our vast professional real estate knowledge and experience in providing optimal solutions to respond tothe trust bestowed on us.

Creating the City

We not only create new cities, but also revitalize historic urban areasby nurturing what has been handed down from generation to generation toenhance the value of the areas and contribute to the peoplewho live and work there, the local community, and society.

The meaning of our company logo

The Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate logo is called "Smart Harmony." It was designed to represent the earnest concepts of "People-friendly urban development," and "From sustainable neighborhoods to sustainably developing neighborhoods."

The triple ripple-effect rings represent "people, neighborhoods, and nature," and the overlapping large and small circles express how they connect and resonate with each other.

Also, the three shades of green which are our company colors express our clean corporate philosophy to address the environment and living environments of people for 100 years into the future.