Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Communicating with People, Creating the City

Customers rely on us to help develop communities, building and nurturing neighborhoods that endure into the future

Communicating with People

We earnestly engage with our customers, communities, and society so we can thoroughly understand their needs, then pool our extensive knowledge and experience as a professional real estate group in order to reward their trust by offering the best solutions.

Creating the City

Not only do we build neighborhoods, but we also revive those of historical significance. By nurturing neighborhoods that pass from one generation to the next, we boost the value of areas. Our contributions are felt by everyone who lives and works in these areas, as well as by the community and society.

The meaning of our company logo

The Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate logo is called "Smart Harmony." It was designed to represent the earnest concepts of "People-friendly urban development," and "From sustainable neighborhoods to sustainably developing neighborhoods."

The triple ripple-effect rings represent "people, neighborhoods, and nature," and the overlapping large and small circles express how they connect and resonate with each other.

Also, the three shades of green which are our company colors express our clean corporate philosophy to address the environment and living environments of people for 100 years into the future.