Regional Revitalization Business

We have been engaging in urban development through development on large unused land spaces that surround ironworks sites. This includes our urban development for environmental coexistence in the Yahata Higashida District of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Regional Revitalization Business Yahata Higashida General Development Project

Utilizing 100 years of urban development expertise to createan advanced environmental city of the future

The Yahata Higashida District is where the industrial revolution of Japan originated in 1901, as a location for government-operated ironworks.
We are working to achieve sustainable urban development through collaboration between indus-try, government, academia, and citizens at this former Yawata Steel Works factory owned by Nippon Steel Corporation.

Information center for Work and Life

Media Park (17 ha.)

Functioning as the hub of Kitakyushu e-PORT, this area features a close concentration of ICT-related business facilities including iDCs and call centers, in addition to healthcare and commercial facilities.

Kitakyushu Telecom Center

Cluster zone for commerce, operations, and services

Town Center (12 ha.)

This symbolic area centered on Higashida Odori with roads 100 meters wide features a collection of large commercial facilities.

Aeon Mall Yahata Higashi

Living space to enjoy culture and leisure

Muse Park (7 ha.)

Learning, enjoyment, and the environment come together in this leisure area built on the "Science, History, Industry, Nature, Environment (SHINE) Museum Concept" of Kitakyushu City.

Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History

Environmental coexistence residential zone offering comfortable city life for the 21st century

Urban Residence (5 ha.)

Seeking multigenerational cohabitation and coexistence with nature, this residential zone includes Livio Higashida Ville Court, which produces approximately 34% lower CO2 emissions than next-generation energy-saving standards.

Livio Higashida Ville Court

An urban resort cluster combining water fun and green areas with facilities for leisure and interaction

Bayfront Park (11 ha.)

Utilizing its location looking out over Dokai Bay, this area offers a waterfront greenery zone, leisure and cultural exchange facilities, hot springs, wedding halls, and more.

Seaside Spa

Local energy generation for local consumption with Higashida Cogeneration

  • Energy supply project utilizing deregulation in special districts for international logistics
  • Energy is supplied to urban area (Yahata Higashida District), while steam is used at the ironworks

Large-scale Regional DevelopmentRegion

Contributing to sustainable development by applying our accumulatedexpertise to urban development throughout Japan

Otsu and Katsuhara District Development

Comprehensive area development invigorates the community and boosts property value

Otsu and Katsuhara Wards, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture

A complex development project on the 36-hectare former site of company housing for Nippon Steel Corporation's Hirohata Steel Works. The site is divided into Fair Village Ayamino, which has 450 lots, Bloom Garden Nozomino, with 293 lots, and Park Front Otsu Hinatano, with 20 lots. A comfortable, beautiful residential environment has been achieved through zone planning and streetscape rules. In addition to AEON Himeji Otsu Shopping Center and Asahi Sports Club, we have attracted the home center, CAINZ Himeji-Otsu Store, to the area, helping to realize revitalization of the region and increase asset value.

Bloom Garden Nozomino

Aeon Mall Himeji Otsu

Yahata Takami Housing Development

Public-private partnership to create the next generation of urban housing

Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu City

With the theme of "Where cherry blossoms and the waterfront meet", this 28-hectare redevelopment project employs urban development utilizing nature at old company housing sites of the Yawata Steel Works factory owned by Nippon Steel Corporation. Combining convenience with abundant greenery with its confluence of housing, roads, parks, waterways, shopping streets, and more, the project is helping to increase the population and invigorate the community in the Takami District of Yahata.

Yahata Momozono District Development

Creating one of the best living environments in Kitakyushu

Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu City

Covering five city blocks (stand-alone homes, apartments, parks, convenience facilities, healthcare & nursing facilities) on an 11-hectare section of old company housing sites of the Yawata Steel Works factory owned by Nippon Steel Corporation, our work on this large development project targeted sustainable urban development.

Nakajima, Muroran: Commercial Development

Helping revitalize communities where hollowing out is a problem

Nakajima Honcho, Muroran City, Hokkaido

This development for the large "Morue Nakajima" shopping mall centered on a Super Arcs supermarket is on a seven hectare site that was formerly the grounds of the Muroran Works factory owned by Nippon Steel Corporation. We are also currently developing facilities in neighboring spaces, and luring new tenants to fill them. Developing commercial facilities with the appeal to draw in customers, we are helping revitalize the entire community which has been suffering from hollowing out.


Rebuilding historical warehouses into office buildings

Motofunamachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

We have reconstructed an office building on the site of the historic warehouses facing Nagasaki Harbor, within easy reach of Nagasaki Railway Station and the Nagasaki Prefectural Government Offices. Envisaging that the project would attract companies from the metropolitan area, the interior spaces are pillarless for easy layout design. With features including an open space in front of the building facing the ocean, this project has become the kind of receptacle for companies establishing a presence in Nagasaki that the Prefecture and City aspire to, achieving a space that will contribute to the creation of about 1,000 new jobs.

Kamaishi: Public Housing Development for Reconstruction

Supporting speedy reconstruction and new urban development in Kamaishi City

Kaminakashimacho, Kamaishi

We produced 210 reconstructed public housing units on a site owned by Nippon Steel Corporation. These were developed in a short timeframe and at low cost in order to provide housing to earthquake disaster victims as quickly as possible. We are also fostering the community by setting up locations for residents to interact with one another, and also "look out for" the elderly and those living on their own. In addition to efforts for earthquake reconstruction, we worked on solutions to community issues, including the construction of a nursery school.

Kamaishi/KaminakashimaChildren's Park Integrated Development

Contributing to the creation of a community in the Kaminakashima region

Kaminakashimacho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture

In an integrated development project, we relocated the three childcare facilities - Kaminakashima Childcare Center, which had the challenge of improving its childcare environment due to its aging facilities, Kaminakashima Children's House, and Sukusuku Parent-and-Child Classroom, which lost its own facilities in the giant tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake and has been operating temporarily in the former Ogawa Kindergarten ‒ together to the same site on land owned by Nippon Steel. As well as serving as a facility for children, this development is helping to build community in the Kaminakashima region, which also includes public housing built as part of the area's post-disaster reconstruction efforts.