Corporate History

Established in October 1952, Kowa Real Estate began its business in areas such as real estate rentals and sales.
It ventured into the office building rental business in earnest in the 1960s, before expanding into the rental and sale of premium condominiums targeting foreign residents.
In October 2012, Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. merged to form Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. and set out to further strengthen the company's management foundations as a general developer.
(The chronological table below shows the history of both Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. until their merger in October 2012.
Events related to Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. are indicated with a *.)

October 1952 Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. established
*April 1961 Fuji Iron and Steel Co., Ltd . established (name changed to Nittetsu Co., Ltd. in July 1970)
August 1964 Completion of No. 1 Kowa Bldg. (Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo)
February 1965 Completion of Homat Imperial , the industry's first upscale rental housing geared specifically toward foreigners (Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo)
*March 1965 Yawata Real Estate Co., Ltd. established (name changed to Nittetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd. in May 1970)
*October 1985 Merger of Nittetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Nittetsu Co., Ltd. to establish Nittetsu Life Corporation (name changed to Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. in April 2001)
*March 1986 Completion of Kamimeguro Ogawazaka Heights reconstructed public corporation condominiums, the first public housing rehabilitation project in Japan (Kamimeguro, Meguro Ward, Tokyo)
March 1997 Kowa Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. established
November 1998 Completion of Shinagawa Intercity (Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo), the first of a series of development projects in the East Exit district of Shinagawa Station
*April 2002 Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. and the Urban Development Business Unit of Nippon Steel Corp. merge to newly re-establish Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc.
September 2004 Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd andKowa Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.merge and split into newlyre-established Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.and Kei-R Real Estate Co., Ltd.
February 2005 Akasaka Intercity/Homat Viscount (Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo) was completed by reconstructing buildings, including Kowa Bldg. No. 1, in a redevelopment project
*September 2007 Completion of Kasumigaseki Common Gate (Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda Ward), Japan's first urban renewal project combining the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) approach with urban redevelopment
September 2008 Completed Nagoya Intercity
*September 2008 Completed Shibaura Island (Shibaura, Minato Ward, Tokyo), a block renovation project conducted through government-citizen collaboration
October 2012 Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estateestablished through businessmerger
December 2012 Completed Terrace Shibuya Mitake
April 2013 Completed Grand Front Osaka
April 2013 Completed The Jingumae Residence (Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), a large condominium complex built through the reconstruction of the Harajuku Jutaku Manshon residential cluster
March 2015 Completed Livio Maison Nishi-Shinjuku
February 2016 Completed Musashi-Urawa SKY & GARDEN
August 2017 Completed Akasaka Intercity AIR (Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo), an office, residential, and commer-cial building complex that also features spacious green areas
November 2017 Completed new Bizcore Jimbocho medium-size upscale office building in the city center (Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
March 2018 Company headquarters relocated toAkasaka Intercity AIR (Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo)
February 2019 Completed Logifront Koshigaya I
March 2019 Completed Nittetsu Nihombashi Bldg.
April 2019 Name changed toNippon Steel KowaReal Estate