Business Overview

Commercial Building Business

We are enhancing our business in the areas of development and rental management for high quality buildings mainly in prime city center areas. These include the Intercity Series of large-scale urban development projects, and the Bizcore Series of medium-size upscale office buildings.

Residential Property Business

We have also built an extensive track record in the area of condominiums, with a focus on urban renewal initiatives such as development projects represented by the Livio Series, as well as redevelopment of city neighborhoods, residential building reconstruction, and equal exchange of land ownership for development.

Rental Housing Business

Since 1965, we have been expanding our business with the Homat Series of upscale rental housing geared specifically toward foreigners, which has given us a pioneering presence in the industry.

Regional Revitalization Business

We have been engaging in urban development through development on large unused land spaces that surround ironworks sites. This includes our urban development for environmental coexistence in the Yahata Higashida District of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Real Estate Solutions

Utilizing our strong connections with the Mizuho Financial Group and Nippon Steel Group, we provide comprehensive real estate services integrated with finance.