Residential Property Business

We have built an extensive track record in the area of condominiums, with a focus on urban renewal initiatives such as development projects represented by the Livio Series, as well as redevelopment of city neighborhoods, residential building reconstruction, and equal exchange of land ownership for development.

Residential Property Business Large-scale Apartment Development

Creating connections in the community and contributing to regional development with large-scale landmark-creating developments

Shibaura Island

Government and citizens collaborated to recreate "The Island of Shibaura" in this block renovation project

Shibaura, Minato Ward, Tokyo 3,763 total units (1,928 condominium, 1,835 rental) Fully completed September 2008

Government agencies and the public came together for a block renovation to remake the water-encircled "island" of Shibaura in its entirety; a development project covering a total of six hectares. Focused on condominiums and rental units, the development aimed to create a livable community where people of all generations can feel at home, and included commercial facilities, a row of healthcare clinics, facilities for interaction between children and the elderly, and housing units geared specifically for elderly residents. Construction completed in September 2008. At Shibaura Island, we now provide support for the lives of people from all generations, young and old, regardless of family structure, striving to make it a neighborhood where everyone can choose their own lifestyle according to their own stages in life (=a sustainable neighborhood).

The Midland Avenue

Oshima, Koto Ward, Tokyo 457 total units Completed March 2012

These apartments were developed with the concept of providing support for people to raise their children. Common facilities include a registered childcare facility that can accommodate as many as 100 children, and a "mini-shop" where residents can gather up nursery items.

Livio Sakai Station City

Sakai Ward, Sakai City, Osaka 216 total units Completed January 2015

Built in a location only three minutes on foot from Sakai Station, our partnership with the neighboring Life Supermarket which we brokered has allowed this large apartment building to have its own exclusive shopping carts on-premises. It also comes equipped with facilities that deliver benefits from its large scale, including a rotary garbage drum, and a self-operated parking garage.

Residential Property Business Apartment Reconstruction

Industry pioneer since the 1980s with an industry-leading track record

Terrace Shibuya Mitake

The large apartment cluster reconstruction project unanimously approved by rights holders

Shibuya, Shibuya Ward 196 total units Completed in December 2012

This tower residence complex comprised of residences, offices, and shops was reconstructed from the Mitake Building, which was originally completed in 1959.

The Jingumae Residence

From a 50-year old building cluster, to the landmark of the neighborhood

Jingumae, Shibuya Ward 220 total units Completed in April 2013

This large apartment building was reconstructed from Harajuku Jutaku, originally built in 1957.

Yokohama Momijizaka Residence

Reconstructing apartment buildings that the community loves, with a Yokohama-esque exterior

Nishi Ward, Yokohama City 368 total units Completed in November 2011

The largest reconstructed apartment project in the history of Yokohama, this complex is on the site of Hanasaki Danchi, which was originally constructed in 1958.

Air Hills Fujisawa

Reborn on a hilltop, this large apartment commands a panoramic view of the Shonan area

Fujigaoka, Fujisawa City 360 total units Completed in August 2018

This large three-building apartment complex was reconstructed from Fujisawa Danchi, which was originally built in 1965.

Residential Property Business Livio Series

Housing that caters to the diversifying needs of city lifestyles

The name of the Livio condominium brand is short for "living oasis." These living spaces are ideal for city lifestyles.

Livio Shinjuku The Residence

Offering an apartment complex that doubles as a community disaster prevention center

Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo 103 total units Completed March 2015

Designed with the concept of an apartment complex that serves as the disaster prevention center for its community, as a breakout project in disaster-resistant urban development. Working together with neighboring residents and the city council under the theme of "communal assistance" such as taking in those who cannot return to their homes, we are helping facilitate the formation of communities.

Livio Urawa Ryoke

Urawa Ward, Saitama City 67 total units Completed in August 2014

We devised a plan to make the most of the advantages offered by so-called "living learning" that fosters intelligence in children. Additionally, we have offered landowners the opportunity to make effective use of their properties through a fixed-term leasing plan with few precedents in Urawa Ward.

Livio Sasazuka

Hatagaya, Shibuya Ward 39 total units Completed in August 2015

Ideally suited for a quiet residential area, the exterior plan for this low-rise apartment building uses a bay window style to mitigate the aggressive nature of its construction style . The wood-grain louver panels and planting spaces along the stylobate part of the building also give the impression of being an extension of the neighboring green park area.

Livio Tamagawa

Yaguchi, Ota Ward 39 total units Completed in August 2017

Our aim was to create harmony between the surrounding natural environment of the Tama River and the property's value as a home. With units ranging from 1LDK to 3LDK, we have created spaces in which the residents can live vibrant lives in the way that they want.

Livio Tokyo Nihombashi

Nihombashi Kayabacho, Chuo Ward 36 total units Completed in February 2014

With a park-front location offering plenty of greenery, Livio Tokyo Nihombashi is also a very convenient five-minute walk from Nihombashi Station. Offering lifestyles of "proximity between home and the workplace," these units come in spacious 2LDK and 3LDK floorplans.

Livio Meguro The Place

Shimomeguro, Meguro Ward 52 total units Completed in November 2016

Located a seven-minute walk from the JR Yamanote Line's Meguro Station, which has been drawing attention for its station-front redevelopment and other construction projects. The building offers a spacious layout, planned with all units facing south to utilize its favorable location on the south side of the station where buildings cannot be taller than 20 meters.

Grand Livio Series Upscale City Apartments

The top-quality brand version of Livio carries the name "Grand." We sought authenticity down to the finest detail, determined to create distinguished residences for the next generation.

Grand Livio The Residence

Yushima, Bunkyo Ward 121 total units Scheduled completion in March 2018

Grand Livio Takanawa Sanchome

Takanawa, Minato Ward 34 total units Scheduled completion in April 2018

Livio Raison Series Compact City Apartments

A compact brand of apartments that offers comfort along with convenience and efficiency.

Livio Raison Shinagawa Togoshi

Higashinakanobu, Shinagawa Ward 58 total units Completed in October 2013

Livio Raison Otemachi

Uchikanda, Chiyoda Ward 36 total units

Livio Raison Umeda Casare

Kita Ward, Osaka City 112 total units

Livio Raison Kagurazaka nex

Kitayamabushicho, Shinjuku Ward 34 total units

Livio Raison Toyocho Station Premier

Toyo, Koto Ward 93 total units Completed in January 2019

Livio Maison Series City Rental Apartments

A city center rental apartment brand geared toward diversifying market needs.

Livio Maison Nishi-Shinjuku

Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, 29 total units Completed in April 2015

Livio Maison Kinshicho

Taihei, Sumida Ward 71 total units Completed in February 2016

Livio Maison Akasaka

Akasaka, Minato Ward 45 total units Completed in April 2016