Development Efforts in the Akasaka Area

Building the Akasaka Area, the birthplace of Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate, into a world-class international metropolis

Akasaka Intercity AirOffical site

Making this new landmark, with nature in the air where office workers of all walks of life come together into the center of Tokyo, the international city

Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo Completed in August 2017

Akasaka Intercity Air, born as a new landmark in the international city of Tokyo. Not only does it seek to deliver the most cutting-edge functionalities of next-generation office buildings, but it is also surrounded by an expansive 5,000 square meter swath of greenery. The seeds of business growth can sprout here in this wide-open, crisp air environment bursting with nature.

Akasaka Toranomon Green Road Concept

Green Avenue, a 200 meter tree-lined urban space situated on its west side, will be set up as a party to the 850 meter Akasaka Toranomon Greed Road nature path extending in the direction of Toranomon . Our design allows visitors to enjoy leisurely walks, rest, and rejuvenate.

Akasaka Intercity

Creating new trends in the historical neighborhood of Akasaka.

Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo Completed in February 2005

This high quality combined office and residential building complex heralds advancement and new traditions in the historic neighborhood of Akasaka. It employs technologies that help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as earthquake-resistant structural components that mitigate quake damage. The outer fa├žade which incorporates bright yellow terra cotta has also earned a Good Design Award.

Kasumigaseki Common Gate

Complex urban renewal project of unprecedented size through public-private collaboration

Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Completed in September 2007

The buildings which house the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as well as the Board of Audit of Japan were reconstructed in a project employing the PFI approach. This also included the redevelopment of the entire urban area. Our design emphasized the themes of urban renewal, coexistence with the environment, historical renaissance, reviving neighborhoods, and industry-academia-government cohabitation. We also helped shape the development of the neighborhood by being involved in the management and operations of the building complex as a whole.

Okura Prestige Tower

Reconstruction project for Main Building of Hotel Okura Tokyo, one of the great hotels of Japan

Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo Scheduled completion in June 2019

We are working on the reconstruction of the Main Building of Hotel Okura Tokyo, which was originally built in 1962.
We are planning an integrated-style office building that can be a new base for global business, centered in a luxury hotel. Its features include hotel partnership services that leverage the comprehensive development aspect of the project, as well as a sophisticated design that carries on traditional aesthetic values.