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Use of NSKRE's Websites

This page describes the terms and conditions when you use the websites represented by the URL: "" and "" managed and operated by Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate (hereinafter referred to as the "Websites"). If you use the Websites, we assume that you have consented to these terms and conditions. NSKRE may change the terms of use without prior notice. In this case, please use the Websites after having agreed to the latest revised content.

■Information Provided

As regards various types of information provided on the Websites, though the Company strives to post the latest and accurate information properly to avoid any unexpected loss or disadvantage to the customer, this does not guarantee the integrity, exactness and usefulness of its content. We, therefore, shall not assume any responsibility for any loss, disadvantage and others suffered by the customer as a result of his/her action based on said information.

■Possible changes in the content of information

The Websites may add, change or remove information, the content of services or addresses without prior notice to the customers. The Company is not obliged to update information posted on the Websites and does not commit to doing so. Please note that information posted on the Websites is not always up-to-date.

■Recommended browsers

The Websites recommend that Windows Internet Explorer version 7 or later or the latest version of other browsers be used for viewing. Please note that part of the content may not be shown properly if other browsers are used.
* Please ensure that CSS and JavaScript are activated in your browser setting.


The Company and the right holders that allowed it to use have intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and use rights, to the information, design, layout, corporate logo, trademarks and others posted on the Websites. The customer is allowed to use the Websites within a scope that does not infringe these rights. Please bear in mind that unauthorized reproduction or appropriation of the content from the Websites is prohibited.


If you wish to have your links on the Websites, please feel free to contact us.
Links from the following sites are strictly prohibited:

  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals
  • Websites that defame or libel any specific individual or organization or may potentially do so.
  • Websites that charge users when they access them from the link
  • Websites that can impair NSKRE's public standing
  • Other websites that NSKRE deems inappropriate

After a link is allowed, if NSKRE deems the allowed link inappropriate due to circumstances which emerge after it was allowed, it may revoke the link. When you provide a link to the Websites, please ensure a text link will be used (the use of NSKRE's corporate logo as a link banner is prohibited without the Company's prior consent in writing) so that the Websites may be shown in a separate window instead of being shown in the frame of the referrer (please specify _blank as HREF target option). Please also note that when linking to individual pages, the link destination may have disappeared as the site structure or server configuration may change without notice.

■Trouble entailed by access

NSKRE shall assume no responsibility if the customer suffers any loss, directly or indirectly, as a result of software or hardware failure associated with his/her personal computer, peripheral devices or in his/her network environment as a result of accessing the Websites. Provided, however, that if required by law, it shall assume responsibility for such cases.

■About cookies

The Website collects information on the use situation of the Websites (information on pages accessed, access patterns, use time) using a standard technology called "cookie."
A cookie is a small data file that a specific websites writes onto your hard disk when you access it. Cookies do not include information that can identify individuals, such as names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or addresses.

■Handling of personal information

The use of our customers' personal information on the Websites is handled in accordance with our "Personal Information Protection Policy." For further details, please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy.

■Opinions and questions about this page

Should you have any questions, opinions or views on the content of this page, please contact us from here.