Message from the President and CEO

We deliver high-value added urban development by pushing our core businesses to new heights, while taking on challenges in new business areas.

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate is a comprehensive real estate development company with a business portfolio solidly grounded in both longer and shorter term enterprises . This includes office building development and management in prime areas of central Tokyo such as our Intercity Series and our Homat Series of upscale rental apartments geared specifically toward foreigners , as well as development for condominiums such as our Livio Series. We also handle projects in the areas of inner-city urban redevelopment, equal exchange of land ownership for development, rebuilding dilapidated apartment buildings, and more.
Leveraging our close collaborative relationships with the Mizuho Financial Group and the Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Group (NSSMG), we also serve a wide array of customer real estate needs with distinctive advantages in our ability to offer cutting-edge real estate services integrated with finance, such as securitization and fund businesses. We also deliver unique value with our development capacity, built up through the development of NSSMG's massive former steel mills sites scattered throughout Japan.

Circumstances surrounding the real estate industry in Japan have been drastically changing, leading to greater and greater diversification of customer real estate-related needs.
These are the circumstances in which we kicked off our second mid-term management plan in April 2016. While we take our core businesses of commercial buildings and residential properties to the next level, we will also be venturing into new fields such as the new rollout of our Bizcore Series of medium-size upscale office buildings, the logistics facilities business, and the development of city center rental housing properties and of serviced apartments in Southeast Asia.
We will seek to continue being the developer of choice for the people, lighting the fire of motivation in the hearts and minds of all employees to consistently seek transformation. Under our corporate philosophy of "Communicating with People, Creating the City," we will come together as one to shape the future .
We look forward to your continued support.

Mikito Nagai President and CEO