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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

NSKRE will contribute to society and the environment through our sustainable towncreation initiative.

At present, more than half of the global population lives in cities. To pave the way to the future, it is crucial to develop cities sustainably. NSKRE has cultivated the necessary experience and expertise which underpins urban development through numerous projects to date. Leveraging these, we will collaborate with various stakeholders to realize a city that will keep shining for many years to come. We will reshape a city that co-habits with nature and brings affluence to its inhabitants, to be bequeathed to future generations and thus contributing to society and the environment.

Akasaka Intercity

Akasaka Intercity

Added to SEGES's List of Japan's Top 100 Companies Engaged in Biodiversity Protection

To protect biodiversity, as well as extensive efforts at different levels, it is also important to ensure an ecosystem nearby. The Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES)'s program "Japan's Top 100 Companies Engaged in Biodiversity Protection" targets the promotion of biodiversity protection activities that get underway immediately with the global environment in view. In May 2005, Akasaka Intercity/Homat Viscount was added to SEGES's list; reflecting the Company’s effort to preserve, create and utilize nearby greenery. In creating this town, one of the major challenges was how best to ensure people could enjoy this greenery-rich environment in central Tokyo. In response, we preserved the existing green slope and created a water landscape featuring a pond and the sound of a stream. This comforting scenery is open to the local community and serves as a public urban oasis.

Akasaka Intercity

Kamaishi Public Restoration Housing (Phase I)

NSKRE assists Kamaishi with Quick Post-Quake Reconstruction

In April 2011, NSKRE formed the Kamaishi Reconstruction Task Force responsible for helping Kamaishi recover from the earthquake and build a new town and started considering reconstruction plans. In July the same year, we proposed a draft reconstruction plan to the City of Kamaishi, followed by a concrete plan in September. The Reconstruction Town Building Basic Plan announced by the city in December 2011 reflected a proposal by the Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (NSSM) Group. Discussions on the construction of restoration housing followed and in July 2012, NSKRE reached agreement on plans for public restoration housing with Kamaishi City. According to these plans, NSKRE was supposed to construct public restoration housing (54 and 156 units in Phases I and II), including a meeting place, on the site owned by NSSM in Kaminakashima-cho, Kamaishi City. Given its short construction period and great economy, we employed the steel house construction method alongside other techniques and became the first to bring Phase I of the new collective housing project to completion, except wooden construction, in Iwate Prefecture in March 2013. In so doing, we met the city’s request to establish disaster-resistant housing in place quickly.

Akasaka Intercity

The exhibits at the entrance hall of Akasaka Intercity

Proposed a New Mode of Urban Culture through the "Mobile Museum"

NSKRE operates the Mobile Museum project in collaboration with the University Museum of the University of Tokyo as a new mode of social contribution through an academic-industrial alliance. The Mobile Museum is Japan's first idler-type museum - a next-generation institution that moves flexibly to and fro just like a mobile phone. We, as a Company engaged in town creation, are working to develop exhibit units and display them in cooperation with educators. We also showcase them at several venues, including Akasaka Intercity/Homat Viscount and NSKRE's Head Office Building.

Akasaka Intercity
Top left:
Sakai Blazers
Top right:
Kamaishi Sea Waves
Bottom left:
Kioi Hall
Bottom right:
Japan Philharmonic
(Photo: Koichi Miura)

NSKRE also Helps Promote Sports andCulture

NSKRE has also addressed a task of promoting sports: we sponsor the Sakai Blazers volleyball team, whose predecessor is Nippon Steel Sakai and the Kamaishi Sea Waves rugby team, whose predecessor is Nippon Steel Kamaishi, supporting the activities of both teams. Moreover, convinced of our social mission to help promote culture, we also support the Kioi Hall and activities of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.