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Luxury Rental Apartment Business

Providing a quality living space of lasting comfort and beauty.

As a pioneer in luxury rental apartments business targeting foreign expatriates, we have offered full-fledged Western-style houses in prime areas of central Tokyo. Our designs and specifications are worthy of the term "residence," and have been rated highly, helping us win the trust of VIPs both at home and abroad. Today, we make high-quality housing a reality with a whole new form in response to the needs of the times by leveraging the know-how we have built up over the years.

Homat Series

The history of NSKRE's luxury rental apartment business dates back to 1965, the year after the Tokyo Olympic Games. Foreign nationals who were living in Japan at the time were very keen to find rental apartments aligned with their lifestyles. To meet their needs and as an industry first, we launched a luxury rental apartment business targeting non-Japanese people. Starting with Homat Imperial in Roppongi, we added rental properties, most of which in Tokyo's prime areas, as a pioneer. The upscale rental apartments we offer feature a unique design philosophy blending the best of both East and West alongside product planning that vigorously incorporates western lifestyles. No wonder they have been acclaimed by VIPs, both at home and abroad, as apartments meeting global standards.

Shinagawa Intercity

Homat Viscount

Akasaka in Minato Ward, Tokyo Total number of units: 84 Completed in February 2005

A spectacular panorama of Tokyo can be enjoyed from all units. The exclusive entrance on the 16th floor features a soaring lobby and Japanese garden where residents are greeted by bilingual staff at the reception around the clock. It has a fitness room on the 29th floor alongside an exclusive residents' lounge. Its elegant housing space and detail-oriented hospitality are what set this property apart from the crowd.

Akasaka Intercity

Homat Ambassador

Minami-Azabu in Minato Ward, Tokyo Total number of units: 29 Completed in July 1971

With a large-scale renovation completed in 2006, which preserved the retro exterior characterizing this vintage apartment, its décor was completely revamped and modernized. Its living space has been made even more tasteful and elegant, while installing brand-new housing facilities, such as kitchen units and ovens. Moreover, as well as enhancing the interior, the quake-resistance was also boosted.

Hamarikyu Intercity

Homat Virginia

Minami-Azabu in Minato Ward, Tokyo
Total number of units: 22
Completed in October 1984

Located close to Arisugawa Park, which is bathed in an international atmosphere, Homat Virginia is the flagship among the rental properties we have delivered to date. The approach, awash in abundant greenery that reflects all four seasons and a roomy average residential space of 263 square meters are just a few examples of the unrivaled comfort that is ideal for living a spiritually rich life.

Other Main Achievements



Minami-Azabu in Minato Ward, Tokyo Total number of units: 25 Completed in September 2007

A long-awaited residence we delivered to the world, which redefines the concept of the luxury rental apartment. With an entrance and lobby symbolizing Japan's dignity and housing space of four bedrooms or more for all units with global executives in mind, bilingual reception services around the clock and quake-resistant structure, to name but a few, KARA BLANC takes all possible measures to ensure its residents live happily, safely and comfortably

Sky House Hamarikyu

Sky House Hamarikyu

Wangan in Minato Ward, Tokyo
Total number of units: 169
Completed in March 2011

At Sky House Hamarikyu, you can enjoy a spectacular panorama from Hamarikyu Gardens to Tokyo Bay. The 13th floor features an exclusive reception and residents' lounge along with a gym where various types of fitness machines are installed. The housing space widely varies, from the Studio type to 3LDK configuration so that you choose the configuration best suiting your own lifestyle.

Shibaura Island Bloom Tower

Shibaura Island Bloom Tower

Shibaura in Minato Ward, Tokyo
Total number of units: 964
Completed in September 2008

One of the largest-scale private-sector rental apartment buildings with a total of 964 units. In addition to communal facilities, such as a lounge where you can view the Rainbow Bridge and a private garden, it offers a fitness club as well.